TV/Monitor screen Best approaches Media Framework VS Flipbook

I am looking for the most painless way to get some interesting (non interactive) moving pictures on the monitors in my game.

I made Media Framework work but it doesn’t work in a build project which I understand is normal for it. OR is it?

The other way I see is flip-booking the problem is a decent quality say 1024x1024 video will result in a stupid big image or a pixel mess if reduced to 128x128.
and I don’t know what program to use to AUTOMATICALLY stitch the frames together .

I don’t have a lot of time, game has to be released on the 16th of august so if someone has an interesting idea please share.

I’d also be interested in seeing what the possibilities are

Have you tried the flipbook approach? With compression, it might not be too bad to have a 5 second clip running at ~24 FPS. You could probably munge something together with the scripting interface in the gimp or with careful application of ffmpeg and libpng

I just started digging into this, I’ll let you know if I find anything

For my game I ended up using 3D widgets with some random vectors and rotators to give the bulk of the “text” on a 1 second timer. Cost is not too high around 3ms for 12 “working” monitors which is Meh~OK and It will allow me later to implement more functions into the monitorBP.
It would’ve been great if Media Framework worked in packaged games but for me (4.8) after build :
the video file gets corrupted and opening it crashes the editor
the 32bit windows game crashes if a level contains it
displays as the default grey squares material on a 64bit windows, otherwise it works like a charm :smiley: