Tutorials on UMG UI in VR ?

Are there any tutorials about implementing UI in VR ? (probably doesn’t have to be VR per se, but UI on a surface instead of on the screen)

Thanks! is your best bet. It was still buggy in 4.8, but may be better now.

If you already have UMG UI setup for non-VR, just change out your “Add to Player Screen” nodes to “Set Widget” with your world widget reference. Adding gamepad support takes a little more work but required for VR since UE4 still doesn’t support a mouse cursor in stereo. Epic should be releasing their Dragonfly project from the recent VR livestream. This should be a great reference when it’s available. Until then, you should be able to get a better understanding of what they are doing by watching the video.

We’re in the process of moving all of our UI in Klepto to a tablet carried by the player. The inventory system we’re using is JCInventory from the marketplace.

The gamepad part definitely is the bigger hangup at the moment for a lot of people. I was really hoping UMG gamepad support would have been addressed by now. Maybe before the end of the year.

The tablet is rad btw, you guys don’t happen to have this corresponding to a real world motion tracked tablet do you?

Thanks for the links!

I am not planning on using gamepad at all, so as long as gaze controls will work with UI on in-game surfaces, it would be perfect.

Thanks. We’re trying to build as much UI functionality into the tablet as we can. We now have our in-game chat moved into it as well. Gamepad integration isn’t too difficult to setup for standard menus but setting it up for a grid based inventory system has been a little more involved.

We don’t have plans of doing a real world motion tracked tablet. However, we are going to start integrating motion tracking input devices when 4.10 releases. This will allow players with such devices to manipulate the tablet while it’s out. Raising it up, holding it closer, tap to interact, etc. In addition to that, we are working on an Android companion app that allows non-VR players to use the in-game tablet functions from a real world device. This includes all the in-game hacking gameplay, accessing security camera feeds, managing inventory and missions.