Tutorials for separate head and body movement in VR?

Are there any tutorials on how to separate looking around and body movement? I’ve been experimenting and failing a lot with this. I tried looking at the Spaceship cockpit template (from this thread: but I’m completely lost as to how he achieved what he did.

The ue4 wiki page describing “separate look” is very vague and doesn’t offer any examples.

All I want to know is how to separate the head movement from the cockpit or character body.

I’d really appreciate any help on this, I’ve been stuck on it for weeks already.

The VR Template you have linked he has specifically done a lot of stuff to make the head and body stick with the camera.

You can move the camera without moving the body in the same was without VR. To test this use any third person project template and map the right thumbstick to the add movement input function. Then add the leftthumstick to Add controller yaw input. You will see they can move independently.

Hey, maker of the space shooter template here, In that I needed to take over the update camera function in the camera manager to make sure positional tracking/rotation tracking works relative to the ship, If you want me to explain how it works I can do so however if you dont need relative position and rotation check out this for basic seperation

I would be interested in an explanation of how you did this.

Oh wow it’s you! I’d be really happy if you could explain how to make the camera track relative to the ship. Thank you for the great template! I can do separate view, but whenever I turn the ship, the camera does not turn with it and instead stays looking at whatever direction the rift is pointed. I can also make the pawn turn to wherever you’re looking, but that’s not very optimal either. Your way is exactly the type of camera system I’m trying to get working, but I just don’t understand how you did it.

Ok so it turns out I was doing it the hard way in the Space Shooter template, I found a new way to do it this morning and just made a video on how to go about fixing the vehicle template to support the DK2

It’s really simple now and should work a lot better, let me know if this helps.

Wow I didn’t expect you to make a video to explain, thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed! I hope some day I can do something to help you out too.