Tutorial: Your First Game In Unreal Engine 5

Practical in-editor demo making a game from scratch highlighting UE5 features. Show how fast you can create a game leveraging new and established features of the engine.



thanks teacher


I am trying to follow with your video, but the FirstGameInUE5_Source is not in the Slack O’ bot when I check its files. Can I get a resolution for this so I may follow along? Thank you.



I am finding the same and cannot find any info about where it might be available.

You have to EXTRACT the StackOBot files AFTER downloading StackOBot project. It’s in the Content browser on your harddrive and it’s called “FirstGameInUE5_Source”.

And a tip from someone who finished the tutorial:
While in UE, color scheme your folders so you know which ones you have made and which ones you havn’t.


The tutorial had awesome content but the pacing was too fast for me and I had to constantly stop the video and backtrack a couple of seconds just to keep up.


Thanks a lot! Good luck on your future endeavors.


Hi !

Firstly, thank you for such a great tutorial! It was a great help and I really got the basics of blueprints and event graphs through it.

I had a question towards the end - after making the door open and close, the actor/pawn is unable to run through the door. Is there a specific collision method that needs to be toggled for the door’s static mesh to allow actors and pawns to run through?


I am not finding it, even when I search.


I guess I had an older version of these files. I did find the material when I deleted my local files and redownloaded by creating a new project.



omg cool! :smiley: Was looking all over for what could have gone wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what is says you should do with that .zip file:

“Please be aware when you already created an own project from the marketplace one, that this won’t get updated automatically. The zip is in the content folder. It is ~283MB big. The StackOBot project is around 1GB.”


Hello, I am following the project Stack-O-Bot, and I have an issue in the AI controller section, when I bulit the blueprint for changing the color of the bot it doesn’t run. Does anybody have the same issue? do you know how to solve it?


I have been following the tutorial and all is going well. I am to the point of creating the AI controller.

I have assigned that controller to the instances of my character I dragged into the map.
I made a nav the mesh too. I can tell via PrintString that the AIMoveTo node is firing.

But they don’t move. I checked to make sure they are not stuck in the ground or anything…

What am I missing?

Also I tried both with Looping checked on the Timer by Event, and not checked. Neither seems to matter.

Thanks in Advance!


This drove me crazy but I did figure it out. In my map 0,0,0 is inside my landscape’s mountains.

I thought the AI would advance no matter what and just get stuck where ever a barrier got in their way.

However, I learned that the AI will evaluate if the target is reachable and decide to abort if it is not. So it won’t move at all. I changed the point to a spot that is reachable and the AI moved just as it should.

Phew glad I found it.


I would say this tutorial is probably suited to people who have at the very least done the fundamentals of using UE.

While this video covers the use of a lot of the features, the pace is way too fast, like, too fast. The teacher is basically click, click, clicking on things while explaining what he wants the outcome to be, rather than where he actually is in the applicator. At the very least, please slow down during the creation of assets or when changing values in menus.
The amount of times (as mentioned above) that I had to keep rewinding simply to see what accordion menu he clicked was getting quite frustrating.

Other than that, the actual content is good and covers the basic elements of game creation in Unreal.


Excellent tutorial! It makes you Learn something from scratch.

I meet a problem. My character doesn’t orient movement, is there anybody know the reason?


Hi there,
What happened? On your character, check Orient Rotation to Movement and uncheck Use Controller Rotation Yaw.


ue5.0.3, while import fbx, the “Vertex Color Import Option” default is “Ignore”. It seems need to chose “Replace”.


Nice tutorial, thank you!

Though here is what I had difficulties with:

  • It was not possible to actually go through the door when it was open, I had to change “Collision Complexity” proeperty of the “SM_Modular_WallDoor” mesh to “Use Complex Collision As Simple” (not sure if this is the most correct way).
  • Navigation mesh part was a little bit tricky. Depending on the landscape form, scene location and other things the AI bot behaviour was varying. E.g. the AI bot could not go through the door or it could not climb the hills I could although they were inside the nav mesh.
  • Sometimes it was difficult to follow through all the clicks in the interface. Maybe highlighting mouse clicks could help.

Thanks man you saved me a lot of frustration :+1: