[Tutorial] VR Climbing System


You have something off in your relative calculation, its especially noticeable during the descending part of the video but it is snapping slightly incorrectly.

Really appreciate this, especially for the custom gravity setup, and I’m totally gonna steal it for my current climbing setup :slight_smile:

I noticed the light glitches while descending too. I don’t think it is the relative calculations, otherwise they would show also while climbing or moving sideways. I believe it is the gravity system kicking in for 1 frame. Will double check that. Thanks for your feedback.

You are welcome. It is there to be “stolen” and put to good use by anyone. :wink: Just give a little credit if you think I deserve it. :slight_smile:

Sure thing :wink:

This version of the climbing system doesn’t allow for throwing yourself off a wall with your hands, does it? I’m looking for a tutorial on that so I can add it to a Robo Recall Mod…

I never had the chance to do a Part 2 explaining how to throw yourself, but it is actually pretty simple:

  1. You need to keep track of your moving velocity while you hold onto a cube a swing yourself
  2. As soon as you let go completely, gravity kicks in and gives you a downward speed (formally it’s a a gravitational acceleration which speeds you up toward the ground).
  3. At that point you need to vectorially combine the previous swing velocity with the gravitational one. This will result in a parabolic motion toward the target.
  4. When you grab the target, all velocities stop and you go back to 1.

Hope this makes sense.


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Yeah, I figured that would be how to do it. I just need a tutorial showing how to blueprint that. Haven’t learned all of blueprints’ nodes yet.

Best Tutorials indeed! Your tutorials are so clearly laid out and easy to understand, amazing. Thanks so much for this. The Climbing works flawlessly for me. There is however one strange thing I can’t seem to figure out. When the player is on the ground, thumbstick locomotion does not work, snap turn works fine. The player is stuck on the spot. is it because I’m using addactorworldoffset for thumbstick locomotion, like your script uses in the same pawn script? Is your code overriding mine? Any ideas? Thanks again

Edit: fixed just add sweep to the AddActorWroldOffset node at the end of the pawn script, everything works great now, cheers!

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