[Tutorial] Using the VR Expansion Plugin to Jump Start Your VR Application

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What is this?
This is a series of video tutorials to help you get an understanding of how to use the VR Expansion Plugin, created by Mordentral. The plugin is a tremendous resource that is completely free and allows you to easily implement advanced VR interactions. Here is a partial list of the plugin’s features. This video series starts from nothing and builds all of the mechanics from scratch. Since Mordentral has done all of the heavy lifting, it’s mostly just about setting it up however you want.

More Resources
Plugin Website - Official home of the plugin. Here you can find news, a list of games using the plugin, text tutorials, and documentation. You can also find my video tutorials here.

Example Template - If I’m releasing videos too slowly for your taste, you can open this up to see how things work.

VR Expansion Forum Thread - A very active thread where you can ask for help.

I know nothing about UE4, is this series for me?
Eh, not really. However, you really don’t need to know much. I try to be considerate to beginners and explain everything thoroughly. However, it would help to know the basics of Unreal Engine navigation and blueprints. If you’re brand new to everything about UE4, check out these links:
Unreal Engine Online Learning
Blueprint Essentials Playlist
Getting Stared in VR
Blueprint Communication

Any tutorial for material interaction in VR

is it able to make VR hands Physical in VR Expansion Plugin?
just tried the VRExpPluginExample, the VR hands are alway go through anything.
eg. maintain all the functionalities and meanwhile make the fingers can “touch and feel” objects. does this conflict with the current mechanism?eg.grab while grip

in VRExpPluginExample, when grip the sword, spear, etc, the Fingers are trying to fit the position on the object’s surface(just look and donnot the inside code yet).
however, while grip the GrippableManniquin, the Fingers are not on the surface, what should be modified if i want to put the fingers on the surface on its body while grip.

how to use the Physical VR Hands to both Grab & Hit Away running characters? is it possible? as Grab use the inner side of hand, and HitAway use the inner sider and outter side of the hand.