[Tutorial] Ultimate Guide to Start Your Journey As An Environment Artist




This “37 hours” highly in-depth Tutorial is for people who want to start their journey as an environment artist.
with the new release of UE5 and the way that it has changed the content creation pipeline, Specially using LUMEN and NANITE.



I felt like there should be a tutorial out that teaches how to use these workflows in a pipeline and be like a Blueprint for everybody, and not only covering the Technical side of things; but also having an Artistic vision when going for a project, for example having an eye for composition, color theory and timeless techniques that apply to any form of visual art.
What You’ll Learn

Defining the meaning of Environment Artist and the role that an Environment artist has in a project
Importance of Planning for a project from Reference gathering to generating questions that will help you finalize your Environment
Importance of Fundamentals of Art like Composition, Shape, Color and …
Setting up a strong Content Structure for the project
Using Nanite to generate high quality meshes and forget about polygon count
Setting up a Basic Modularity system to help generate content faster
Different appraoches for generating content

In the end you can watch the video that I cover the contents that get covered in the course.
Thank you for watching!

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