[Tutorial] True FPS camera with zoomable third person

Hey Everyone! I made a video tutorial on how to make a True FPS camera that zooms out into third person as well!!

Unreal Engine 4 C++ Tutorial: True FPS with zoomable third person

Hope this helps you guys :)!!

The true first person part is overly compilcated.
The same result can be achieved by attaching a camera component to the head bone via a bluperint.
Just saying.

Yea you can do that using a bone, but I wanted to use a socket to adjust in case the head part of the mesh would get in the way of the camera.

Thanks for the tutorial…I found it helpful!

Thanks so much for putting this tutorial together and sharing it!!


I like it, will be trying something out like this

Ahh, I see where you are coming from, but you can actually adjust the transform of any attached component in the components tab. It doesn’t require a socket anymore, though you can still use one.

In any case, neither method will prevent the head mesh from getting in the way of the camera completely/properly.
To do that, your options for that are:

  • adjust the nearplane
  • use a separate head mesh which and hide it from the view of its owner.

The separate head mesh is oldschol, but works fine.
And if you’re going to have a customisable character, it comes in handy :slight_smile:

I will definitely look into doing that later in production :smiley: ! considering I was designing this camera to be a RPG camera(can be Over-The-Shoulder too) it would help my cause :slight_smile: .

You can actually place attach multiple camera components and swap between them as required.
It will even do the blending for you :slight_smile:
Might be a good method of going from first person to over the shoulder smoothly… or any other camera for that matter.

Sword cam, here we come!

yes :stuck_out_tongue: +1 :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tutorial mate, really appreciated.

I did change it slightly so I didn’t have to use the Tick function, but your tut was awesome.

Take it easy.