[Tutorial] 's VR Lab, an introduction to VR in UE4

Hello all here, I created the VR Template a little while ago now however due to time (or lack there of) I couldn’t update it as frequently as I would have liked, to combat this I decided to take on a project that would require less up keep while do more to teach the community on how to use VR in ue4 then the template ever could.

's VR Lab is this project.
A (hopefully, no promises though :P) weekly tutorial series on working with VR in UE4, it will basically be a culmination of all the VR tips and tricks I’ve picked up in the past few years of VR development.

If you’re new to VR in UE then check it out, if your and old timer VR dev still check it out and give me feedback at:

So without any further ado here’s the first episode(video, don’t know what to call them yet)



Also if you want to see a certain video send me an email at

edit 1/02/16: I made a trello board to keep track of progress, feel free to vote on the tutorials you want to see the most :slight_smile:

The series will remain free for the foreseeable future if you feel like supporting me feel free to donate.

Really interesting stuff man, thanks for the tutorial and keep it up! :slight_smile:

You are a legend dude, your VR project was pivotal to me releasing my VR demo. So thank you for that. Can’t wait to follow this tutorial series. If you set up a way to donate to you I will donate what I can.

Thanks sir! You remain awesome!

Episode 2 is up : “Gaze Based interaction” using Traces


Great work, this was much needed.

Oh man, so excited. Thank you

I don’t log in and post very often but wanted to make a point to come in and say thanks. This is awesome. Loved the VR Template you made before. Looking forward to this series.

This is awesome. I’m very happy you’re continuing to do educational things. The last episode was pretty good, though I wish you had gone into at least a little bit of detail as to how you created those ‘helper’ functions … I’m having a bit of trouble re-creating what you did and the files you put on google I can’t seem to import :frowning:

With that said, you mentioned you were going to go further into them in future episodes, as is changes for each version, so I suppose I’ll just wait patiently. Thanks !

Yeah Sorry project file was for 4.11.
However the new video is up :slight_smile:


Alright new video is up.
How to add look assist to look based interactions

I also wanted to say thanks. This is helping a lot!

This is super helpful thanks :slight_smile:

Good work, thank you!

Hi , i am looking for a solution how i can make a cinematic sequence or a flyby in ue4 and oculus. dou yo have some tutorials or links? i dont find anything usefull an i am quite new in ue4.

I haven’t done any videos on it before, but I’ve done it a few times in my own games.
What I end up doing is creating a Pawn placing it in the level and setting “Auto Posses Player” to player 0 so the player uses this by default. Then create a new matinee actor and animate however you need.
Check out matinee here https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Matinee/HowTo/index.html

Ok, Two new videos are up :slight_smile:
One on optimising:

The other on a basic puzzle mechanic:

Hey ,

Great last two videos - I was going to request something similar to the puzzle mechanic, but then you’ve already done it!

If you’re looking for topics to address in the future one thing I’ve been wrestling with and think might be helpful are menus that pop up in front of the character and/or HMD view to adjust settings - like you had set up in the VR template.

Thanks again!

Thank you, but as i mentioned i am very new at ue4. I use the 1st Person Blueprint from the Default Content. I figured out how to create a spline, but i have still no idea how to connect it to a camera and animate it. The unreal Tutorials are not the best for my Project :slight_smile: can you upload me a simple Project how you managed it? So i can take a look and learn :slight_smile: Thanks Roland

As always great work , your doing a fine job of helping the UE VR community.