[Tutorial Request] Simple games like Pong


right now I am working with UE4 and try to learn as much as possible. For that I am trying to create simple gameclones like pong tetris and so on.

My problem is, that I am finding lots of tutorials for 3d stuff but not many for 2d. Additionally the most tutorials show how you can build rooms and such stuff. The tutorials doesn’t show how you can move objects(brushes) via keypress or how the actor can be changed/replaced or how the camera is set to fixed. I know the example projects does have some examples which does similar things but they are to big to see the important. You only see “wow, cool” but not “that’s how it’s done”. Not on the noob level that I am right now.

Now I am asking the UE4 Pros to help a noobie to get around :smiley: Can someone create a tutorial which handles not only the building stuff but show some important things like keypresses change the actor move objects collisions ect. Maybe you could create a Pong clone? Or help me creating one.

Thanks in Advance

+1 i want to create tetris by myself, started doing this, but there are so many problems with collision and moving objects with blueprint… I think we just don’t have enough information yet.

Right now I was able to set a fixed camera via level blueprint. I also created the pong-level. And I can move the playerpaddle with w and s keys. The Playerpaddle collides with the wall. Problem is now, that the paddle could glitch through the wall.

I too would like to see some more tutorials based on creating a simple game from start to finish - something you could complete - all the tutorials so far are just pieces of the puzzle

even a tutorial on how they created the tappy bird game would be great - may seem simple to some but for me it would probably open my eyes a ton!

Would love to see something like this as well. Come on Epic give us the guides! :slight_smile:

The game examples included / available on the market place should give you a great idea of how to accomplish a 2D game, as well as button strokes via blueprint. I also suggest looking into some UDK tutorials, especially the Jazz Jackrabbit one - while UE4 is not UDK, there is a ton of cross-over.

If you open up the Tappy Chicken BP, more specifically BP_MainGame, you’ll see well documented BluePrints on how the entire game was made. Near the bottom left you’ll see how the input controls player movement for both touch input and left click.

I’ll second the opinion for some very basic tutorials. And yeah right, even the tappy chicken thing would be great.
The tutorials out there are more of just demos and what all UE4 can do. There is absolutely nothing on how.

The examples are great and well commented, but they don’t take you anywhere.
What one would want to know about is how does one get to initiate and wrap up a complete piece of jazz.

Can anyone share a very basic start to finish tutorial?

Hi Michael, you may want to checkout this post in the WIP section. It definitely would be nice if it was turned into a nice basic step-by-step tutorial.

Did any tutorial ever come from this? It sounds like a really great way to jump in to blueprints for beginniners like me! =D

I humble apologise for reviving this topic, I really wanna know whether there is something like this though.
Start to finish tutorial are nice, specially when comes to retro games like pong. I only see Amazing* tutorials covering ( exactly what was told up here: ) the great stuff the U4 can do. But not the basic mechanics of a game.
Ps.: “I am seeking for all the tutorials ( videos, images, etc ) that the docummentation, wiki has to offer.”

not tutorials but full projects downloadables that you can go in : pong : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?29536-Pong-Game-made-with-Blueprint-(game-project-files)&highlight=pong
tic tac toe : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?29748-Tic-Tac-Toe-Game-made-with-Blueprint-(game-project-files)&highlight=tic+tac+toe
both made by mhousse 1247.

Someone released one a while back with the project files and made with blueprints: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?29536-Pong-Game-made-with-Blueprint-(game-project-files)

I thank you two so much!
I’m gonna take a look at the project while I try to get some answers about some difficulties that i’m stucking on it.