Tutorial on creating complex custome texture from scratch?

I have seen the one made by Unreal, but It didn’t help me much.
anyone know of any tutorials that start from the beginning, like from how base textures are acquired…either there hand painted or photos, all the way to making a complex material in the editor (masks and more) ? I am a enthusiast, so I don’t know the ins and outs of development and I am hitting a dead end learning UE4 when it comes to making textures and materials for a game/scene.

Much Appropriated!

Hi bon -

There are a lot of really good tutorials out there and you should not immediately discount tutorials which are in UE3/UDK. The process of creating textures and materials is still mostly the same and the differences are really well documented in the Materials section of the UE4 documentation.

All that being said here are some of my favorites:

-UE4 Material Documentation, Understanding exactly what each node does is probably 90% of the battle.

-UE4 Material Tutorials Playlist, Really good start for everything you might need to know.

-UE4 Forums User Tutorial Collection, A collection of all sorts of great information from users like you, but not all are material/texture based.

Also check out tutorial websites like 3dmotive; eat3D; imbueFX; DigitalTutors; or CGCookie. Most of these websites are paid downloadable lessons, but once you have mastered the basics this may be the next step.

Good Luck,

Eric Ketchum