[Tutorial] Mesh Based Particles

Hello guys, After posting a load of particles I made for UE4 in this thread: Luos's Particle Showcase - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums
there came a lot of requests to make a tutorial for them.

So here it is, 1.5 hours worth of tutorial focusing on making a texture for them, how I modeled some meshes for them in 3dsmax, setting up the materials and how to combine the materials and meshes in the particle editor to get a decent result.
Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqNhfvpWXRiHIFsstRqF_nDUzNyKVJLq

Photoshop: How to: Mesh based particle for UE4 part 1 - Photoshop - YouTube
3dsmax: How to: Mesh based particle for UE4 part 2 - 3DSMAX - YouTube
Materials: How to: Mesh based particle for UE4 part 3 - Materials - YouTube
Particle editor: How to: Mesh based particle for UE4 part 4 - The Particle - YouTube

You can download the project, meshes and textures I used from here: Dropbox - UE4ParticleTutorial01.zip - Simplify your life


The textures came from free sources, All I did was edit them.
The meshes are made by me.
You can use them if you want, but I highly suggest you try to make ones yourself!

Special thanks:
"DJ. P. Van Kampen - Video editing my recordings. (THANKS!)
“Imuse” - Double checking the video’s, giving pointers for next time.
“3dArt” - Triple checking the video’s.

since this is my first tutorial I was a bit anxious and over the course of the tutorial I got really tired and started to stutter a bit.
There are a few moments where I try to explain what something does, but fail to do so properly.
Nonetheless if you follow the video, and look at the example that is embedded in this file you should be fine :slight_smile:
I learned a lot about making tutorials and hope to make better ones in the near future :slight_smile:


If you don’t have access to photoshop:
Free image editor: http://www.gimp.org/
If you don’t have access to expensive 3d tools:
Free 3d editor: http://www.blender.org/

Few sources for textures:
and if you have the munny, this one is the bomb:

3dsmax batch exporter (by Jos Balcaen):

Great work! and an invaluable tutorial (especially at the moment), keep them coming! :smiley:

Hurrah! I’ve been looking forwards to this :smiley: I’m going to grab something to eat and watch through it all.

This is what spread knowledge is about. I watched all tutorials and I can say that it goes far beyond the basics. Congrats Luos, you are teaching people how to really do things! If u need any help on the forthcoming ones, you can count on me. :D. keep up with the good work man!

Thanks so much guys :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Luos, now I need to set aside some time from work to watch these. =)

Amazing tutorials. Thanks a lot!

Excellent will give it a read shortly

Awesome stuff, are your effects open sources to the community yet? Like the ones you have already created?

Besides the one that comes with the download file mentioned in the first post, all the others I created are for a game me and a team are working on.

so no, those aren’t open source.

Maybe in the future I will release a package with all kinds of materials and meshes.

These… look… AWESOME!!

I’m going to watch these as soon as I can.

Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge sir :cool:

This is perfect! Just the type of tutorial that really helps the new people just messing around with UE.

Thanks for spending the time to do this, I’m sure many people will benefit from it.

Working on running through your tutorial right now. Dont have 3ds or photoshop, so I’ve been stumbling through blender and Paint.Net to get everything done(mostly in paint.net, but I’ve got it figured out now) I’m on the materials video right now, trails done, core done, decided to drop the core material onto some things in the basic shooter level:

All the faces explode out from the center, it works fine on the dynamic cubes about the level though, not exactly sure of the reason yet…

I think that’s the “throbbing” effect the material has in the world pos. offset that’s causing that weird effect.

I just did the tutorial! Brilliant! Love your channel! I have subbed!

I really love how I can actually see all of your workflow through. Its very nice. I did encounter one issue which I ask for help around.

Checking the problem out now, I think you might have accidentally set a texture coordinate node to 2 on the Y scale??
will continue with answer on answerhub.

Thanks for the help. It seems o be a problem with 3ds max and the fbx exporter. I can export as an obj format for now, while Autodesk help me out with this issue.

Yea, ive seen a looooot of people with 3dsmax 2015 + fbx export issues.

Hi Lu Os

I watched your mesh based particle tutorial and something just clicked for me for particles (longtime max user, new UE4 user). I just wanted to share a simple fx it’s a WIP GravityGun and RockGun. I liked your gravity effect you made and did something similar. The other weapon particle is a beam like weapon. Both need more work, the Gravity more visibility and the Rockgun something else…? Found it hard to do mesh beam
GravityGun WIP

RockGun WIP

Thanks again, also the 365 stuff is great, the speedbuild stuff I find usefull and appreciate.

Thanks for the Photoshop -> 3DSMAX -> UE4 walk-through Luos! :o