[Tutorial] Mesh Based Particles

Especially the gravity gun looks promising!
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

You are welcome!

Just want to say thanks a ton for the tutorial, I found it on Youtube while trying to learn about particle systems. I’m somewhat new to Unreal but I know how to use it in the most rudimentary fashion, and what I’m most interested in special effects so I’m trying to learn that by watching tutorials etc. Problem is none of them focused on how to make effects using textures, meshes, etc, and yours did, so I’m finding it extremely helpful! I’ve only finished part one to be honest, having never used 3d max before, I just finished installing it and I’m a bit hesitant to use a 3d modeling program (never even touched one before now), but I’m willing to learn if that’s what it takes to be good at special effects (I had no idea you need to know how to model to make special effects before now). Here’s hoping someday I can produce some stuff even near the quality as yourself or other son this thread. Anyway, thanks again.

Hi Luos, this somenthing very, very close to the result I was trying to achieve and with your tutorial I’ve been able to make it.
I’m still a noob with particles and materials but your tutorial is great to get your hands dirty and quiclky do something quite nice looking.


So, yeah, posting this just say a big thank you.

It would be nice to hide the intersections of the fins in the orb, I’m not using the shield, but they really get noticeable when the game is paused since it is a projectile that moves at the speed of several thousands of units per second.
Maybe removing the fins and using a drop-shaped mesh instead of a sphere may look good.

hey hey Judicator

Keep in mind that there are always limitations in games, if any game, no matter how tripple A or tripple S they are, if you constantly press pause eventually the player will see things that will look unrealistic.
Heck, if anything most aspects of game development are smoke and mirrors anyways.
If you want to reduce the fin being noticeable try adding one or two more, change the opacity, or use other blending modes (alpha composite, additive, etc)
Additionally some sprites/sparks moving down the fin can also help.

you could try the drop-shaped mesh, but besides using more polygons, if you are using the regular rendering system the limitations of translucency might result in it looking wonkey to say the least.

really cool