[TUTORIAL] How to render Cryptomatte/ObjectID

Hey guys,
I made a quick 5-minute tutorial on how to get Object ID’s rendered out in 4.26. Let me know if there’s anything I could do/explain better!

Thanks for putting that together and highlighting the new ObjectID pass. LOL just wrapped a project where this would have been immensely useful as I had to make my passes manually.

I have a question. There are three options in cryptomatte. Does object ID/material/asset UE only support object ID mode at present?

Starting in 4.27 additional modes should be supported - per-actor, per-material, per-primitive (current), per-folder, or per-layer (with some limitations, it only takes the first layer an actor belongs to). This adds some additional detail to the ids compared to current (as we now support per-material for each component, instead of the component as a whole).

Make sure you check out the documentation on re-creating Depth of Field and Motion Blur in post processing software (Nuke) since they are still not supported by the pass directly!