[Tutorial] How to create Android App Bundle at Unreal Engine?

Dear Community,

I saw lots of people suffering from how to create AAB in unreal engine. There is not enough supply in internet or they are seperated, since I’m including my solution here.

1- Choose armeabi-v7a from project settings.
2- Build your project with etc1a or whatever you want to support. (tick 2.0 opengl for wider device support)
3- Go under Project/Intermediate/Android/APK/Gradle/app/src/main/jniLibs
4- Copy armeabi-v7a folder out of somewhere. Take backup(copy) of it.


5- Choose arm64-v8a from project settings.
6- Build your project with etc1a or whatever you want to support. (tick 2.0 opengl for wider device support)
7- Copy your **armeabi-v7a folder to **Project/Intermediate/Android/APK/Gradle/app/src/main/jniLibs. Keep in mind you will have there both **armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a **folders.


8- Install Android Studio
9- Open project, choose gradle under your project Project/Intermediate/Android/APK/Gradle
10- Let it process. Wait for build. (you can update but you dont have to update gradle from notification)
11- Go to build.gradle for your app (it may be app-app or gradle-app configuration) and add android section as below (add from split)

[FONT=courier new]android{ [FONT=courier new]splits {
[INDENT=2][FONT=courier new]abi {[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][FONT=courier new]enable true
include “armeabi-v7a”, “arm64-v8a”
universalApk true[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][FONT=courier new]}[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2][FONT=courier new]}[/INDENT]




12- Put ndk to your other gradle. (You will see all gradles in the left tree view of android studio.). Go buildAdditions.gradle and put below:
[FONT=courier new]ndk { [FONT=courier new]abiFilters “arm64-v8a”, “armeabi-v7a”

[FONT=courier new]}


13- Build your project in android studio to check if project throwing any error.
14- Now Go to Build/Generate Signed Bundle/APK


15- Search for your key you created in ue4 for app. Also fill in your password info
16- Choose export location if you don’t the file should be located Project/Intermediate/Android/APK/Gradle/App/Release
Now you are good to go. Upload your application and have wide solution. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for this. Great post.

How can i add obb file to AAB, i couldn’t find the option that allow me to add obb file to AAB in Google Play Console, or do i have to package my enitre game within a single AAB file?

@MrKentaky you need to make entire game into single AAB file.
Working mechanism is like this :

  • With in a single aab, you include packages with armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a.
  • When people download your game from google play, google play matches with the CPU type of your aab file and help user to download right version of game.

I hope its clear

Thanks, it helped a lot, I spent 10 days looking for a solution, and I managed to solve it with this post.

Thank you for this post, it is very useful for me!

App Bundles do not currently support the use of Android expansion files (.OBBs).

is everybody forgetting about Google Play Asset Delivery? (GooglePAD)

I’m using Unreal version 4.25.4 and after building my project, I do not have a APK folder under the Android folder. It only has the armv7 and/or arm64 folders. I noticed in previous versions of Unreal I got the APK folder. Now it’s just not there. Where did it go? An idea?

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What about Asset Delivery? How to include pak files in aab?

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Thanks for the topic, and am hoping you can create a video of this topic cos am not having it easy to follow the text instructions, so a video tutorial will really help me, please…

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what a bloody mess this system is.


Hey @Jagery
Did you find out how to include pak files in aab? I’m stuck at this point

I made a tutorial how to activate AAB and PAD, its in german but you can just mute the sound and follow my cursor

Why you dont just use obb files? :slight_smile: The APK has a limit of 150 MB, the file is like the obb included in the AAB file (like a zip), but he obb has not the “150 MB” limit, it can contains some GB

Google play does not allow uploading neither .apk nor .oob files anymore.
If there is a way that I am not aware of please tell me :slight_smile:

Nono i mentioned AAB Files in my last post ;)! AAB Files containing OOB and APK files like a ZIP or RAR File. You have to upload AAB Files to the PlayStore, its not the point that its working, the main point is that you dont have another oppertunity :slight_smile: AAB Files are required by Google^^

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GooglePAD is now working perfectly with me after updating Unreal to version 4.27 !
But make sure that your antivirus is not blocking any files from Unreal…

hello guys, well what is this spliting files hell? for the new rules of playstore I am trying to use pad so i have one file aab 150MB and the remaining project in pak files… Have you seen any videos or some webites with information? even the unreal documentation still refers to apk files… and my aab is 350MB… :frowning: