Tutorial for Gameplay Blueprints- Taking requests

Hi there, my name is Zachary, and I run NonLocality Software. I’ve been using UE4 since launch, and have become skilled in using blueprints, and want to share some of my knowledge in the form of short video tutorials. I don’t really know where to start, so I figured I’d take requests.
I can do gameplay, UI(widgets), save systems, physics, and pretty much any commonplace game function in Blueprint, so feel free to request something, and I’ll post the videos here in this thread.

RPG Tutorial Part 1: (this is an updated version of the third person camera system, with much more polish)

RPG Tutorial Part 2

TPS Gun Tutorial Part1:

TPS Gun Tutorial Part 2:

Changing Settings and passing values with UI

Hi Zachary(Ascendancy)!

Super stoked about seeing you post this. I’ve been using the engine since launch as well, but got a bit discouraged
and never really learned a whole lot(got decent at level design though. lol). I have a hard time understanding why i need to do things in blueprint.
I posted a forum thread about a week ago about some things i would like to learn here:
While it gets quite off topic, anything on the list would be awesome to see in a tut, if you were interested in doing a vid on one of those topics.


Hey, thanks for replying. These things aren’t too difficult if you’ve got the know-how, and I do!
To be honest, I haven’t messed much with animations, so I wouldn’t make a good tutorial on anything related to animations, but core gameplay elements I can really work with.
I’ll start with switching shoulders on third person characters., and then probably to switching weapons, since I’ve got a fully implemented weapon system on my mobile game, War on Zombies
As a disclaimer, I may not do it the most efficient way, but simply the way I know will work.
I hope to have one done this evening, stick around!

Thats awesome! I look forward to seeing them, so ill certainly be sticking around.

Here it is! Hope you enjoy! Subscribe for anything else I upload.

That was a phenomenal tutorial!
It was clear and concise, and explained why did what you were doing.
Thanks again for accepting my request, and doing such an awesome job.
I’ll be keeping my eye out for more vids in the future!

Also Liked, Subscribed, and Shared!

Hi. If you can, explain in tutorial how to add animations and bones to player’s mesh, how to make move animation etc. I will really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, I don’t really have much experience with animation. I’m really good at things like- movement systems, gameplay features, menus (UI), and Save systems. Good luck to you!

you said you were good at UI can you make a tutorial on changing your current weapon by a menu like call of duty how they have create a class so you can change your primary and secondary weapon. I made a post on this would you mind having a look at it this is what i mean by the menu

And also adding a 3d model inside of the widget so you can see the gun being update when you add a sight or a new grip etc

Sure, I can do this. I hope to have a tutorial up this evening.

Thanks i have been looking around for a tutorial and couldn’t find one

Hoping not way to big a topic…

But love to see a run down on being able to push a button (on screen or a keyboard shortcut) that brings up a basic list menu of items a player can plop into a game. (mine will be buildings) but even if that is just cubes and spheres for the moment or bits of wall. I’m new and was hoping see get a rough overall idea of the concepts i need to learn.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sure thing! This is something I’ll be working on in my own projects.

I’ll be releasing a two-part tutorial on setting up weapon systems and creating an interface for selecting a load-out, then I will start on that.

If you’re still taking some here’s a request… Cheers!

Projectile weapon fire between fast moving spacecraft

Maybe a Fractured mesh etc as the damage system…???

What exactly are you wanting a tutorial for?

When do you think the tutorial will be out for the weapon interface? And i have made my weapons and other systems in c++ could this be applied to c++ and blueprint (The interface selecting a loadout)

Creating projectiles or some kind of custom weapon between pawns or spaceship.
It could be a laser weapon or some kind of rocket projectile or something like that.
So the tutorial might cover some tracing, weapon fire, hit damage, explosions etc.
(Just a suggestion, if it doesn’t interest or you’ve no time no worries, cheers dude)

In my weapon tutorial you’ll be able to see the basics on projectile based weapons, it’ll probably be tomorrow!

Likely sometime tomorrow. I haven’t worked with C++ much, but it could be done. I don’t know how you’ve set it up though. My tutorial is two parts, one to show how I’ve implemented weapon functionality, the other to implement a UI to change the weapon system. The way I’ve done it has those two systems very closely tied, so you’ll likely have to adjust something on your end to make it work. But it’s a system I’ve used in my mobile game, War on Zombies (check my signature for a free download.)

Cool, cheers!

sounds great :slight_smile: