[Tutorial] CoD: Zombies Blueprint Tutorial Series

Hello everyone, over the next little while, I will be making tutorials that will guide you through the process of recreating Call of Duty Zombies in Unreal Engine 4. This will be 100% blueprints, and will include multiplayer.

Here is an introduction video to give you an idea of what we will be making:


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You can expect the 1st tutorial within the next 1-2 days. The first video will likely be character movement as it will take me a while to get assets for level creation.

Here is a rough-draft list of the order in which the videos will be posted:

•Level Creation
•Character movement (Crouching, walking, sprinting, jumping)
•Power system
•Dynamic Level Elements - Part 1 (Doors, debris, etc…)
•Dynamic Level Elements - Part 2 (Traps, etc…)
•Weapons - Part 1 (Weapons, bullet spread, etc…)
•Weapons - Part 2 (Limited ammunition, reloading, etc…)
•The Mystery Box
•Points & Scoring
•Building & destroying barriers
•Power-ups/Bonuses (Max ammo, carpenter, insta-kill, etc…)
•Zombies & AI - Part 1
•Zombies & AI - Part 2
•Wave Bosses (Hellhounds, etc…)
•Perk Machines
•Pack-A-Punch Machine
•Random Player Selection

To see the tutorials, scroll down and find the respective posts, I will post the new tutorials as I make them. All comments & questions are welcome!


Looks awesome, I’ll be checking it out definitely!
Waiting to see how it’s gonna be.

Reserving this post for tutorial videos 1-4.

Tutorial 1: Character Movement

Tutorial 2: Character Movement Part 2 & Level Creation Info

Tutorial 3: The Mystery Box (Part 1)

Tutorial 3: The Mystery Box (Part 2)

Reserving this post for tutorial videos 5-8.

Tutorial 5: Character Animation & Bug Fixes

Tutorial 6: Doors & Preparation

Tutorial 7: Replication Fixes

Tutorial 8: Scoring & Points (Part 1)

Reserving this post for tutorial videos 9-12.

Tutorial 9: Scoring & Points (Part 2)

Tutorial 10: Crouch Fixes


Tutorial 11: Traps (Part 1) & Fixes

Tutorial 12: Traps (Part 2)

Reserving this post for tutorial videos 13-16.

Tutorial 13: Character Health (Part 1)

Tutorial 14: Character Health (Part 2)

Reserving this post for tutorial videos 17-20.

Interesting! I will be looking forward to this!

If one person can solo such a project now then imagine what will happen when Unreal 5 comes out!

This sounds cool. I look forward to it.
I miss the simpler cod zombies days.

Yep, but one thing I will probably not be showing in this series is character animations, I will probably just use a rectangular character with a simple head. I have tried using animations quite a bit without any luck.

This thread would probably be better in the community content and tutorials section.

Looks good man, i will be following this closely.

I’ve uploaded the 2nd tutorial video in the series (see the 3rd post). It will likely be over a week before I finish re-creating Kino Der Toten, so I will probably upload a short video on adjusting post-processing to look morbid/gloomy until I have something else to upload.

I would very much appreciate anyone who spreads the word about this series, more viewers = more motivation. If you would like to receive notifications the moment I upload a video, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as follow me on Twitter.

Level creation

what size are the stairs in your vid trying to get it simular

cant wait its going to be mint

Will We Need Do That map or can we build our own with the windows in

Hey Jamend, nice tutorial series, i was wondering if you have any idea why my game has this multiplayer replication error, here’s a video of my BP: Thank you

I am using the linear stairs brush, I have 20 steps, I am unsure of the length. What I am doing is playing on Kino Der Toten so as to reference it while designing the map.

You can build your own map, just make sure that walkways have adequate room for AI to walk, and that areas are not too steep. You will also want to be adding choke-points to increase risk while traveling throughout the map.

I didn’t watch the whole video, but it looks like you are going from a multicast to a run on server, which won’t do much good. Try going from a run on server to a multicast. If that does not fix it, I suggest you make a new thread.

Cheers for the tip mate, that almost fixed it, the server and client can see each client going into combat mode but only the server can see the yaw / pitch of each client :x