Tutorial: Battery pickup issue

I’ve completed the Battery pickup c++ tutorial, and everything works like a charm except for one thing… some of the batteries fall through the floor when falling down… somewhere between 40 and 70% of them. I have no idea how this is happening, or why, does anyone have an inkling of what causes this?

And not sure were to post this question so “Everything Else” have to do.

The cause of the problem may be the battery falling at enough speed to traspass the floor on a certain frame so it doesn’t collide anymore. You can try enabling CCD on collision properties. This will make the engine to check collisions more accurately for that object

What version of the engine? I had some very strange collision issues in early 4.7 previews, but they seem to have been fixed in the latest versions.

I’m using 4.6.1, waiting a bit more until I switch to 4.7

That solved it… you were right about the speed of the objects I guess, thank you

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