Turning off Mixed Reality Portal while developing ?

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to VR development. I’m using an HP G2 for development. One thing that annoys me with the G2 (and it’s probably the same with all headset on the WMD platform) is that it seems like their Mixed Reality Portal is “always on”. If you doing something else, it will eventually go to sleep. However, when developing and doing a lot of play/stop to iterate, the headset wakes up. But the moment you stop the PIE, the headset would go back to the Portal. The problem I have with that is that while you’re in the editor, the headset keeps running the portal thus pulling a lot of the computer’s resource, making development a lot more painful as it slows down the editor.

Anyone know how to turn off the Mixed Reality Portal during development ?

Thanks !

I found that post

But I’m kind of worry about forcing to deactivate the screensaver at the registry level…

Unplugging usb is really only option as it stays warm even when it should be off. I think there will be an update soon that gives you more options. The steamvr will always popup though unless you change that somewhere.