Turn Splines curves into straight Spline paths?

Hey, gang! So, I’m working on getting a character to follow a spline path and that part works just fine! My problem is how Unreal’s splines automatically curve between the spline points. Is there a way to adjust a spline path’s curvature so one that looks like this:


Can be made into one that looks like this?


I know it seems strange to WANT a nice, curved path to be made jagged like this, but for my purposes it is, indeed what I want.

Hi SuperSonic68,

Yes you can make Spline points linear:

  • If you build the spline in the construction script you have to use the “Set Spline Point Type” node and set the desired spline point to “Linear”.

  • If you build the Spline in the Editor then just Select a Spline Point (first Select the whole spline, then a single point) then right click while the point is selected and there you can change the spline point type and set it to linear.

Hope this helps!

I wanted to reply to this and say that it works. Thanks!

Just dropping in to say that another way of doing this for in-editor placement of splines without needing to go to each spline point manually is this with this method:




Sorry for resurrecting an old thread But I Also can’t seem to make my splines like in the last posts picture. Can somebody provide a pic of how there BP is setting the spline.
Maybe also How I could add a spline points to any length spline at set values like every 200cm.

You can select and right click any spline point and:

The setting can be also seen in the bottom left corner up here. Or you can perform some procedural iteration like so:


You can dynamically extend splines, something like this could work:

Or even create an array of points and:


Thanks for the quick response **Everynone **
I am trying to solve the issues with this…ne-mesh-issues
I thought being able to control my fence and stop it from bending might help. I’ve been siting on this project for months and have not really been able to get the result I want from the BP side of things. So any help is greatly appreciated especially from somebody like yourself that has already pulled it off.

This works but is very tedious and not a good workaround.

This does not seem to work in 4.24. It invalidates the spline and cannot extend it (the point becomes pink and unclickable).
I tried different iterations of this both while constructing or after but the type is never changed.

Those last two are not visual or usable when doing level design, so I won’t mention them :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to make that second option work in construction?

After a lot of brute-forcing around, I found out a couple of things:

  1. Your initial 2 nodes for the spline points have to be manually set to linear BEFORE you extend the spline. And THEN you can set them to linear appropriately.
  2. If you’re using a for loop, the first index is 1 and the last is -2 of the total points. Why? I dunno, this is the only thing that worked.
  3. Regardless of what you’re doing, the mesh will bend around corners… I am still working on this to figure out how to make it so that you only get blocks of a similar rotation and scale.


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