Turn Based Strategy Game

Hi everyone !

Firstly, I’ll present myself, because I’m a non-native speaker, so I have some difficulties to post here. Please, be indulgent with me ! I’m new inside the world of Unreal Engine, and I would make a Turn Based Strategy. (Advanced Ward like, for example)

My TBS is based on a Strategy Board Game, made by a Friend. I really love his game and I would make it with a computer version, to export his work. Today I need help to make a sketch of this project. I dont know where to start. I wont use the famous Advanced Turn Tile Toolkit because I prefere understand what I am doing. And because of its price.

I thought about a 3D map separated of my “Tiles”, to manage my movements and character. With this logic, I could just synchronyze my “Virtual map” with the “3D map”, to activate battle effet, deplacements and others. I saw somes fonctionnalities wich could be nice, like Paper2D or TMap. Do you think it’s good ? Do you know somes TBS projects to learn ? Do you have somes other soluces ? I’m a developer, and the UE4 logic is really different so I have dofficulties to understand the UE4 way of fonctionning.

Hope you’ll can help me.


Hi Mate

There is a “Turn Based Strategy” Mod out there, I downloaded it for free from somewhere.

Someone might help point it out, as I can not find it.

But going through it will give you a good head start.



Hi ! I failed when I tried to post my topic, and I created a double post. Here the “real” :

Thanks for your answer, I saw this project, but the Epic Dev team have created this project for the automatic generation of map. I’ll try to understand their work again ! Thanks !

My “real” topic was erased. So I’ll continue here.

I tried to begin, but I have a probleme with the camera. I’m lost between “player controller” and “camera”… I would a screen where I can see my “map”. So the camera wont move, and I’ll play with my mouse and a cursor.

I begun, but I cant test my work cause of this problem. Have you some video/document/project to learn that ?

Sorry for the double-post. I’m new and i had some probleme with the forum. Now it’s ended.

Ar you looking for something like this for battle system?