Turn-Based RPG Template

Hope soon ready

Yeah, working on it. Writing the documentation.

Added Documentation: Turn-Based RPG Template Documentation - Google Docs
and Discord Channel:

Submitted for review.

Added Trailer Video:

is there always 3 player characters or is it easy to change

It is super easy to adjust how many player units there will be. You just need to add them to the list as mentioned in documentation.

nice i probably will consider to make different level where is different enemies, objects and also different amount player characters

Yeah, all those are very easy to modify.

Still being reviewed…5 more business days. If everything goes OK, it will be live in the beginning of December.

nice, hope sooner, still i probably can wait 1-2 weeks

this wait is killing me. good luck bud!

Thanks! I know, it’s killing me too :smiley:

Just want to update you guys that the product is in final review which will take 3-5 business days…

Xmas came early! Turn - Based RPG Template is going live tomorrow (December 1st). Thank you for your patience.

Released! If you have any questions about the template, please let me know here or in the Discord channel:

Keep in mind that sample project requires Unreal Engine v4.21

Sample Project:

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Update v1.1

The asset has been updated for engine version 4.22. Jump attack has been provided with the new version.