Turn-Based RPG Template


Blueprint template for Turn Based RPG games.

Sample Project:…vQ0U5-dj7dhMaE (requires latest version of Unreal Engine)
Template Video:
Trailer Video:
Facebook Page:


  • 100% Blueprints
  • Drag & Drop
  • Camera Movements
  • Wave of enemies
  • Boss Fights
  • Supportive & offensive skills
  • Attack patterns
  • [SIZE=16px]Damage system based on stats[/SIZE]

Template Video:

Trailer Video:

Player Units:

Boss Intro (Helix):

Boss Skill (Helix):

Fire Golem:

Boss Countess:

Do you guys think this plugin might have a potential? or does it look boring?

Added Boss Intro:

looks cool. do you have any schedule when this might be on sale? but looks cool, i like specially boss fight stuff

@tero83 Thanks for the feedback. I have finished the core functionalities and working on the sample project right now. I will also need to write documentation. It should be available on marketplace in December.

cool can’t wait december. Will asset include also boss fights?

Yes, boss fights, skills and all core functionalities are in the plugin but all models are mannequin because I don’t have the copyright of other models. Also to keep the file size small. However, there will be a sample project for free that will have all the models and particle effects. Of course sample project will require the plugin to work :slight_smile:

Ooh, this looks amazing!! I spent about 2-3 months trying to find tutorials for how to make a turn based JRPG and barely even got a random encounter feature done. How much will this cost or is it free? I might see if I can learn C++ first, then try out making a simple game, and then try out this and see how the features run using C++

@DanF2000 Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to put 50 usd price tag for this plugin and release it in December. Hope you can wait until then :slight_smile:

Added Boss skill:

Added Fire Golem:

bosses looks cool. Is they easy to replace with own models? are they using basic unreal mannequin

@tero83 Characters are replaceable. You can use any skeletal mesh you want. You just need animations for that skeletal mesh like; Run, idle, attack, die, etc… This system is designed in a way that any character, boss intro, skill can be added without touching the core functionalities. You just need to create child blueprints and override some functions. I will cover everything in documentation.

Well, this is really cool, I can’t wait for december now. Will asset include also boss fights? I don’t think so.


[USER=“2829596”]monti onti[/USER] Thanks for your interest. The template has the boss functionalities. The videos I posted shows what you can do with the template about boss intros and skills. It’s up to developer how to program them but yes I will share these bosses with their intros and skills as an example for free. You will have to buy the template to run them.

this is like waiting Christmas present

:smiley: I will post a video about new boss this weekend. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Added Boss Countess:

Added Player Units:

looking even better