Tunnels of Despair

Tunnels of Despair is an atmospheric horror game with elements of survival where you will have to explore underground tunnels, trying to find a way out and rescue yourself.

You were sent to check on a long-abandoned underground tunnel, which at first appeared to be a standard task. Unfortunately, during the inspection, the tunnel’s old arches gave out and collapsed. By some miracle, you managed to hide in a tiny side room and avoid being crushed to death. The way back is blocked; all your stuff is on the other side of the fall. Hopefully, you’ll find a way out behind the one and only door you see…


Visually not impress.

And why? XD If that is all you write why even bother? Are you postcountfarming? XD

Except, you know, the people who built and used the tunnel and stairwell :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work guys!

Visually impress.

Hmm. Looks nice. Keep it going. We’ll see in the game. :smiley:

Thanks all!

Another screenshot :slight_smile:




Looking shiny so far :slight_smile:

Work in progress!:slight_smile:


We are alive and continue to work on the game! :smiley:

Very dark screenshot …


New Work-In-Progress screenshots. Remade some models and textures.


One year later, before and after.


This Project impresses me so much!
I’m very interested how you guys got these inspiration - did you explored some places like that or just from google search?
Keep up the work and notify me if there is a playable alpha :slight_smile:
for now i will upvote this.

Thank you a lot for your support, your support is the main motivational drive for us to continue developing. We took inspiration from the “digger” subculture (groups of people that infiltrate various underground objects, investigate abandoned tunnels and constructions) that grows in our country, documentary and pictures of subway constructions, and a lot of real life abandoned and functional mechanic devices we seen directly, or on web reports. We actually visited places like this… there is a lot of stuff like this… abandoned… rusted… old… and in the same time huge and inspiring.

I love exploring abandoned places too, thats some element i wanna implement in my games combine with Horror like you guys.
It’s hard to get the same “digging” atmosphere in games - thats why i’m really impressed :slight_smile:

Looks great, I really like the Half Life 2 style starting sequence

me visually impress

I wish you all the luck on that front. For us it seems to come like the inspiration, and we will try to make things pretty authentic, as much as we can for the sake of the gameplay.

Thank you for your support. Yeah I love the Half-Life inspiration. It contains some part of this theme too, with all the abandoned places scattered around.

New screenshot …:rolleyes:

ue4editor 2017-06-02 13-31-34_3.png