Tsubobject is depreciated. Use pointers instead

I’m working on the intro to c++ tutorial for the unreal engine. Video #3.

To say the least, I get this when I attempt to compile.

“TSubobjectPtr is deprecated and should no longer be used. Please use pointers instead.”

I’m new to C++ in general and I am learning about pointers right now, but still, I’d like somewhat of a tutorial to help me better understand how to use pointers here.


Bonus question: I guess more generally, what is the best method to learn Unreal’s API?

I am also new to UE4, but still I’m commenting)
TSubobjectPtr is old way of declaring members of your class, it will be removed in further versions, use pointers instead, so instead of
TSubobjectPtr x you can just use MyClass x*.
But do not forget to make it UPROPERTY() or garbage collector will say dirty words.

Answer formater somehow removes my <> braces after TSubobjectPtr, but they should be.

There is your answer in This

thread , just scroll down a bit .