Trying understand how use swtich Dynamic Material Instance


I’ve been searching for tutorial to help me to understand how work out on Dynamic Material Instance with blueprint actor for switch between two textures when I’m enter trigger box area. On the Blueprint editor - ‘Set Vector Parameter Value’ node, They must same match material parameter name on it from either on Parameter Sample Parameter2D or Constant 3Vector node from Material Editor. Not at final new Material output name (I can’t find rename this). So I can see this understand how this work.

But I don’t understand how this work change using switch two very different separate Materials Instance icons from Content Browser - For example switch shiny metal to dull wood onto one mesh object because of different Scalar Parameter value output on Specular, Metallic, Roughness - they are different.

Can you tell me explain how to this work with trigger box switch two separate material icons on one Blueprint? or Do I had to switch on two static Mesh only?

Hope you understand what I’m trying explain this.

Chris P.

I would like to try out understand this first before next stage learning use UMG interface.

I’ve got it work out using switch two material via Flip Flop node on Blueprint. They are work fine but I’m trying use replace Flip Flop node to Multigate node which there’ve more than two texture but it won’t work when I’m on play mode ?

Here my blueprint screenshot:-

Chris P