trying to replicate an infinite skybox

so I’m trying to replicate oldschool style skyboxes, ones that appear infinitely far away, if anyone’s familiar with valve’s hammer editor, you can texture a surface with a “skybox” material and it shows an infinite skybox through it - that’s what I’m aiming for.

I’ve had a search around and it looks like some others have had this problem:

but all people seemed to answer with is “just move the skybox to where the player is”

any kind of help would be appreciated, I don’t even know the correct name of this technique at the moment, being able to view a skybox or environment map through an object, so even that would aid me in my search.

the default skysphere is far enough away that it should look infinite. theres no reason the player should ever even come close to it unless your doing a space game (those are a special case anyway). so it forces me to ask whats your goal? your explanation is very niche, if one hasnt used hammer then they probably wont understand. also what kind of scale are you actually working with?