Trying to remove stuff from the vault.

I have some items that I downloaded while learning about UE4 in the wiki.
Content Examples and Shooter Game. I no longer need these and I see no way to delete them.

The launcher needs the function to delete or hide the contents of the vault.

Yes they do need this. Or another tab to u can sort them yourself Used not used, Pain in the bum trying to find something

I agree Holty. I understand why things we have bought need to remain in our vaults. But, why can’t we remove things like Animation starter pack, or Content examples. We could re-download them if we wanted them again as they are free from Unreal. Or at least put in an option to hide things we don’t wish to see like google does with it news page category’s

Any news on this? Would be nice with a category functionality too.

You can delete anything from the vault by navigating to the location in your OS’s file explorer and simply deleting the files as you would do for any other file on your PC. If you need to find the location it is shown in the launcher settings (cog icon)…I believe under ‘Manage Vault Cache’ or something like that…

Thx, I did look there, but only some content is there, I cant find the ones I want to delete :confused:

Though it must be there somewhere, searching on content name did not help either.

Can it be that only the ones that I have used and added is in the cache? Of course if it is not downloaded it is not on my disk, lol.

Though, for instance the Mixamo Animation pack only works for older versions. It would be comprehensive to first install an old version, download and to find it in VaulkCache and delete.

Seems pretty hacky, how hard is it to put one on the launcher UI ? :wink: Disappointed !

This is still not solved near 2020 :-(( , is really ridiculous that you cannot hide unnecessary things in your vault.

Agreed. I’d like to see a “delete” option for free content and a “hide” option for paid content.

You can’t delete unused asset from the vault !

Would love to have this feature. Got a lot of junk in my trunk.

In fact, in order to do this button, it took a lot of effort and time for the engineers. They have been studying for four or five years and have not been able to add a button to the UI to delete unused items, because this project has been established for five years. Before, they really worked hard to solve this problem day and night, so don’t waste time on this issue, wash and sleep, children.

Epic, why don’t you use some of that Fortnite money and build a delete button? I’ve got dead items, and non-updated items in my marketplace. Let’s go fellas!

Hey know this is an old thread but just for an update, if you click the down arrow next to the asset in your library it (now) has a “Remove local content button”. Click that and it should be removed from your local Vault Cache…

Totally agree the launcher need at least a delete function.
A way to sort and organize content would be much much appreciate too.

Yeah I totally agree, got some old things there which are no longer of use and I don’t need those taking space.

the year is 2020… i have HUNDREDS of items in my vault… i’ve lost days now searching for an asset pack that I don’t recall the name of… please send help…

  • broken/outdated/unnavigable/missing documentation
  • broken tools
  • missing quality-of-life features seen in other engines being requested for years

I don’t care about UE5 anymore. Gimme polished documentation! It’s never good when UE4’s website isn’t even on frontpage of google results! :mad: