Trying to recreate Venice in UE4.

Thus far, I managed to rip every single model from Assassin’s Creed II, I wanted to see how it looked in a more expensive rendering system, with higher polygon count, and just crisper lighting. I’ve ran into more than one object with two textures applied to the same surface. I’ll show you what I mean in a screenshot.


Basically there’s three textures here, the grime on the bricks is an overlayed alpha, but the bricks themselves seem to be painted on the same face… I want to get mine exactly the same, not just close. Is there any way I can do this?

That can be done through vertex painting. You just have to set up your material to have the brick texture tiling a lot, but you choose where the bricks are through the paint tool in the editor.

Either you add the textures in the ue4 with vertex painting: or do it with a lerp node and a mask (depending on how exactly you want to use those textures → do you want to paint?/…) :slight_smile:

It needs to look exactly the same, I’m pretty sure they didn’t have complicated lerp nodes and etc, so how did they do it?

They have surely used vertex painting (I think they made it in a 3d program + did the rest in the material -> therefore you also need a lerp node) :wink:
Otherwise they have used decals -> but I think that’s not the case

So I must vertex paint + use a lerp node? I’m incredibly lost, is there tutorials on this somewhere?

Here is a pretty straight forward one -> :slight_smile:

Watched this one already, is there a tutorial for the thing you said to do with the lerps? Also, is there a way to add a color modifier? Since the textures I exported from that wall aren’t red at all… THey’re browns and whites.

It works nearly the same as in the video. Instead of the vertx colour node, you use a mask to define where on the texture you want to have the other texture.
Either just change the colour in photoshop or add a “add” node - connect the texture sample with it - connect a vector param with the 2nd link from the add - choose a colour :slight_smile: