Trying to Make a Dash Ability that Follows Terrain

I want to have a dash movement ability within this game.

What I want from it is to move my character from its current position to a desired position over a very specific time, I can’t use a lerp as that would cause my character to ‘fly’ straight to the location which results in the character clipping through the world.

I need it to function a lot like a warrior’s charge from World of Warcraft
[Example of a Warrior Charge Here][1]

I Intend to chain multiple of these together to form a point to point dash which in quick succession strikes many enemies.

I am currently using AI pathing to achieve this and mathematically figuring out the max walk speed based on the distance between the start position and the end position.

I feel like there is a much better way, this feels way too hacky
I also have the max velocity change set to a value that’s through the roof

This is what I am currently doing

Hey, did you try using “AddForce” on your Character Movement Component? I could get some good results with it, hope you can get something even better! <3

Problem with that is that it wont follow the terrain correctly, if my enemies are on a rough landscape, then hitting a bump would result in the player flying off into infinity.

If an enemy is at a higher position than the player then the force will cause the player to fly straight towards it, not follow the terrain to it.

By using AI I am able to constrain the character that is moving to the current surface it is walking on buy turning off “Can walk off ledges” boolean in the character movement component

Perhaps that video link in OP is a bit misleading, one moment ill find a better one

EDIT: Better Example Video