Trying to get Imposters working

So I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about and downloaded RyanB’s ShaderBits Octahedral Imposters plugin, and uh… well:


Let’s just say it doesn’t work at all. is there something I’m missing, or did i break it somehow, or is it just broken to begin with? I followed the steps to the letter and haven’t changed anything about the plugin, so I’m not sure what’s going on

The “Full Sphere” version looked like this for me, until I enabled the MIC switch for FullSphere_3.

uwu ok! what’s a MIC switch FullSphere_3 though :open_mouth:

In case anyone else comes looking for why your full sphere impostors are broken, it is because there is a broken static bool parameter inside the Imposter_ThreeFrameBlend material function - one of the “Full Sphere” params is incorrectly named “Full Sphere_3” so the impostor baker blueprint can’t find it when you change to using a full sphere.

If you remove the _3 from that param and save, it will work again.