Trying to get collisions to work

I’m new to Unreal Engine and am trying to get a simple collision to work in the third-person template. At this point I just want to display the text ‘ouch’ when the third person character bumps into something. I can’t get anything to happen :frowning:

The steps that I followed so far:

  1. Created a new project using the third-person template
  2. Created an ‘Actor’ blueprint
  3. Added the ‘statue’ static blueprint from the starter content
  4. Added a collision sphere
  5. In Blueprints added a SphereTracebyChannel to the ‘onTick’ event
  6. In Blueprints attempted to print “Ouch” when the Out Hit Actor is the Player Character

Unfortunately, nothing happens. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time and assistance!

I created a new project using the third-person template,

the other is to check when the player overlaps with that sphere.

also make sure that “generates hit events” is activated on the sphere in the blueprint

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Thank you for the quick reply! I got the ‘Event Hit’ and ‘Event Actor Begin Overlap’ to work; for some reason the ‘On Component Hit’ didn’t trigger anything.

I appreciate the help!

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Thanks - I missed that one.