Trying to debug a project... fails on crt0dat.c

I just started with Rocket programming and, after succesfully creating the LightSwitch examples from the documentation and building them with configurations Debug Editor and Development Editor, I decided to try some debugging (breakpoints on VS), so I set the configuration to Debug and hit F5. After compiling and starting up, it throws an exception.

I am completely clueless here, so I’ll just post a screenshot.

The same thing happens to Epic’s sample, ShooterGame, so I guess the problem isn’t with the project itself. What could it be?

[Here’s the build output][2], in case it’s relevant. Lots of LNK4099 warnings.

In Rocket, Building the game executable and running the game with cooked content is not supported in Rocket at this time. The “Debug” and “Development” configurations use cooked content. Running the game with uncooked content via the editor executable or running the game from within the editor is the suggested workflow for testing. You can achieve this by setting visual studio to the “Development Editor” configuration and adding the -game switch as an argument to your visual studio debug command line.

Furthermore you also need to add the -debug switch to force the executable to load the debug version of the modules for your project, which contain all of the debugging symbols. This is necessary even when debugging through Visual Studio with the configuration set to Debug because the main executable is always compiled using the Development configuration. Of course, you must first compile your modules using the Debug configuration so they exist for the executable to load.

More information is available on the Running Unreal Engine documentation page.

Ok, simply cooking the project solved the problem. I can now debug from Visual Studio and all debugging stuff (breakpoints, watches, etc.) seem to be working fine. Thank you!