Trying to break up tiling

Hello. I need some help with breaking up a material tiling.

So, I’m making a material for a landscape. This is what I had so far.

Up close it doesn’t look bad. But from afar:

Terrible… So, I tried to follow this livestream I saw someone sugest: Getting Started with Landscapes | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Thing is, the way my material is setup is pretty different from that… So I tested to see if that solution would work. I tried plugging the “Macro Texture Variation” nodes into my uvs for the dirt texture, and the result I got was a uniform brown mess. I tried changing the tiling, and I got this weird radial stretching across the entire landscape. (File upload exceeded for this post, last image is an imgur link).

I tried messing with the nodes for hours without any improvement. Any help is appreciated.
These are the material nodes before they got messed up, one material and two material functions:




[Last Image][8]

I think I spend 90% of my time just watching videos like this, and 10% actually doing it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to watch it, and as I’m a newbie I’m sure I can learn a lot from these streams, but 2 hours is a big investment and I’m just wondering if he addresses the specific issue of tiling that is my current problem. If I don’t focus my efforts I’ll go completely insane XD

I know you said you just followed one and weren’t happy with the results so this is probably not what you want to hear but I’m going to recommend another one…

This is a recent tech art stream, that delves into a bit of this stuff, and other stuff, but hopefully you can pick up some techniques to help you from here. Tech Art with Chris Murphy | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal - YouTube