Trying to blend Biomes together

I’m kind of a newb and having some trouble blending biomes together. Keep in mind that this is an alien world and I’m not strictly going for realism. I just don’t want the biomes to be dumped on top of each other. As far as game mechanics go I don’t want to limit the players movement. You want to climb up that mountain? knock yourself out. Maybe you’ll find something. It doesn’t have to be perfect just acceptable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a video showing it in action(sorry it’s so shaky).I also attached some screenshots to give you a better idea of what’s going on.

Apart from having different kinds of vegetation all clamped in such a little space(palms and pines) there is nothing inherently wrong in having a forest that near the coast, it’s actually pretty common in tropical islands for example to have just a few meters of sand, there are a few different type of islands around the globe and they all look different, some are fully covered in vegetation with high trees and others only have small bushes or just rock depending on where they are located, I think you should look for some images of different kinds of islands on google and try to replicate something that you like, it’s pretty hard to come up with believable stuff and some inspiration can never hurt.

I personally would just slightly blend those single bioms together -> e.g when you are at the coast, you have palms. When you get near the forest, you have palms + the forest trees. When you are in the forest, you just have forest trees.
When you do it like that you need a little bit more space so that it looks right. :slight_smile:

Thanks, for the vindication. I appreciate the reference photo too. I’ll have to look into that.

P.s. Welcome to UE4

Fighter, you are everywhere. Thanks again. I’ll try that right now. I thought about lowering the water level a little or scaling the terrain but I’ll see how the blending goes first. Thanks again.