Trying to achieve lighting like example

Hey everyone,

I’m attempting to get my lighting very close to the movie - The book of Eli, as we love that type apocalyptic world and the light would suit perfectly with our current world.

Here’s what we got using just lighting color and cloud shadow.

This is what we want.

Anyone got any pointers on how to get it closer? Not sure just changing the suns light color is the way to do it.


Use a Post-Process Volume, and desaturate.

A lot of the nice detail in the reference image is from the light scattering through (real) volumetic clouds - especially at the edges. This is VERY expensive to do in realtime.

The developers for ‘zero dawn’ did a great write up on realtime cloud rendering at Siggraph - it’s one of the nicest breakdowns of what makes clouds look ‘real’ that I’ve seen.

pdf download

Not sure how much of it Unreal can do ‘out of the box’ - Zero Dawn had some serious dev work, and a custom engine - but it might give you some ideas.

Thanks for the paper Scribbler, going to give some of those things a shot. I think, out of the box, UE4 may struggle with the final optimization, because I suspect using canvas render targets may have considerably more overhead than simply adding custom buffers, but I don’t know for sure.

Hm, do you mean edges like in some of these?