Trying to achieve Jelly Type shader......

Hi All,

I am working on one of my Animation Project. In which the character properties are jellies, I am trying to achieve the jelly looks, but not fully satisfied. Have tried few Technics with Translucent material type and opaque Material type. Also used substance Painter to fake the SSS or Opacity.
Mainly i m facing lot of issue with translucency material type, Where I am not getting shadows( which i can cheat), but Give lot of character clipping And overlapping mesh issues,

Can some one help me or guide me through any tutorial for the same.

find few attached image which i rendered through UE4.


Hi All,

Thanks a lots for all your suggestions and support, but unfortunately I was not able to achieve the desired result. Being an avid Unreal user I am really disappointed that the required output is not achievable within the Engine. However, with the help of “Amplifier Shaders” in Unity Engine I was able to achieve the desired output without any extra efforts. Nor did I come across any clipping issues in Translucent material. However I’m very much open to work within Unreal provided I get to know some concrete solutions.

Just for reference posting a clip generated from Unity Engine, where we can see the object within the translucent mesh as well as the object behind the same mesh. along with it’s translucent shadows.