Try Restart Shooting Arrow

Am trying to arrow ovarlap with Roof to Restart my bool in my Character class to true to shoot my Arrow Again and sometime UE4 crashing pls help

If OtherActor is an ARoof you cast it to APlayerShooter. I don’t think roof is a good player candidate :T

Dude can u help me ? cuz am rly stuck

Assuming APlayerShooter is a APlayerController, you are probably after something like this:

if( auto* roof = Cast<ARoof>(OtherActor) )
if( auto* player = Cast<APlayerShooter>(UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerController( GetWorld() , 0 )) )
	player->bCanIShoot = true;

Where you check if that OtherActor is a roof or not. And if check passes you get a pointer to instance of this APlayerShooter actor and toggle it’s bCanIShoot field.

thanks for answer