TrueSky plugin setup issue

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try TrueSky for UE4 but I am running into this issue while running they’re plugin setup:


Does anyone have a solution or am I completely missing something? My UE4 version is 4.12.5


You don’t install the plugin to the plugins directly. Just direct the directory to 4.12 and click install.

Try what sbnewsom said but if you have further problems it’s usually easier to get help in the official trueSKY thread here: [RELEASED] trueSKY Alpha for UE4: Complete Sky and Weather System - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile: Good luck!

Hey, just choose the location of Unreal engine, programs files/epicgames/ and finally select the folder of your version Unreal, in my case is 4.13, and thats all, Regards

Hi, I followed this and I get these error messages, can anyone help?

I just updated my project to 4.19.2 and I’m also having the same issue. Is there anything that I’m missing ? I used the installer but if I remember correctly the last time I installed it I had to copy some files manually, however I can’t seem to find that information online anymore.