True First Person Viewpoint Socketing Error

I followed all the instructions on the oculus rift section of epic’s wiki but found I am unable to change the parent socket or search at all.

This also has happened in my world settings in regards to choosing HUD, gamemodes, etc. i just get a greyed out option.

Hey, probably didn’t need a duplicate thread:

Regarding your other problems, make sure you have your game mode in world settings set to something other than “none”, if you point it to your MyGame blueprint (or whatever you have called it) you can change them.

I’m not using VR but I was trying to attach my camera to a socket and also had the option greyed out.
also tried dragging the camera component into the mesh but it didn’t allow me to do it. it seems the third person template character has this hardcoded, if I make a new cameracomponent then I’m able to drag it and search/select an attachment socket
still I’d like to use the camera component that comes with the character. any ideas?

I have done this with the third person template character.

I presume this is your starting point?
Click the Camera boon, delete it. Then just drag the camera component onto mesh, this doesn’t work?