Trouble with soft class reference in a struct from DataTable becoming "None" at runtime

So I have a datatable with a reference (I picked soft class reference, I think this is right?) to a blueprint in my project, in the editor I can see that the reference has seemingly worked fine:


The reference to the blueprint class becomes None when I try to “Resolve soft reference” or even if I try to use one of the asset loading functions (I’m not sure if this is required), even though in the debugger I can see that in the struct it’s self the reference is there
(incase it matters, I’m looping through the datatable saving all of my structs into an array that I can use later)

[Here’s a video][3] of the debugger which may or may not help demonstrate what’s going on

If anyone has any idea what I’m doing wrong please let me know

Well I haven’t figured my issue out, but did realize I can just use hard class references and assign it in the editor, and this works fine and almost seems better, so, I think that really is a solution - at least to my specific issue