Trouble with offset of landscape texture


I was trying to fit texture to my landscape, because it’s slighty shifted. I tried following guys here:

and here :

but I still have some isuues.

I want to shift the texture in X and Y, so the map responsible for the color will match with displacement. Both maps are at a resolution of 4096x4096 and have been made in World Machine. (This colorful map according to WM is called ColorMap)

  • How can I smoothly merge materials?
    Pictures below shows an example of appearing black chopped stripe - he shouldn’t be here. This is gap between textures.

Next picture shows the settings object landscape, including the fact that it has been scaled by 220 horizontal and 290 vertical which mayhave influence in the case of positioning textures.

Here, hypershade - material nodes can also be helpful to slove my problem:

I also have addicional questions:

  • How to go beyond the three materials added to the map to add more, which will be able to paint the area? We need more, like : grass, rocks, mud, forest litter, sand, soil with stones.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of material landscape’a the VR, which has an impact on the optimization?

  • Are there some maps that I should not use in VR? Can I use Diffuse, Normal, Rough ?

And here what happend when I tried to offset uv with Panner node :smiley:

Hope you guys can help me :slight_smile:


Same problem here… :frowning: