Trouble with flipbook(Maybe bug or glitch)

Hello.I have a question.When I create a flipbook from the sprites,ex RightIdle,in Flipbook folder preview is ok,it shows that my character is animated,but in the preview window and in the “Blueprint - MyCharacter”(in the components)It shows only the shell of the flipbook with no texture at all! It looks like that my flipbook is fully transparent,help me,I don’t know what to do! To help you to understand me,look at the screenshots)![alt text][1]

Hi TEENklez,

There are a couple of things you could try.

In your material for your character sprite there is an option for the material to be two-sided. Enabling this, like other materials, will enable for it to be see from either side of a plane.

The second thing would be in your character view there, if you rotate around your character sprite you should see the text appearing on the other side. If you enable the two-side material for your sprite you will now be able to see the sprite from either side.

Let me know how this turns out or if you need further assistance!

Thank you!


Ok,well.So,I’m gonna look at material’s sprite…
So,I have done everything step by step,and still my flipbook contains only model of the sprite,none texture. I’m hope you can help me with that problem,cause I like UE4 very much,and want to finish my project in it.

Hi TEENklez,

It looks like paper flipbooks were broken in the 4.2 release. Paper2D is still experimental right now, so it doesn’t get much (any) testing for release.

If you can build from source then check out for details and a GitHub commit, otherwise I’d suggest sticking with 4.1 for now. I’ve submitted the fix for consideration if we do a 4.2.1 point release, but it’ll certainly be in 4.3 (which will also be the first release where Paper2D is not experimental, or at least much less experimental).

Michael Noland


A preview of the 4.2.1 hotfix is live now which includes a fix for this issue, check out for instructions on how to use it.

Michael Noland