Trouble with Camera Manager Replication (Setting Camera Target With Multicasted Events)

Dear Developer Community, I would be so thankful if any one of you could help me figure out what I am missing in my project. I am working on a networked game with custom player controllers and pawns which utilize custom camera managers. When “OnPossess” is called on each pawn, I am trying to call a custom, multicasted event on that pawn’s camera manager to set the target of the camera to the pawn, and also set the player controller as the player controller for the camera manager. For some reason, no matter what I do, this only works for the server. The custom event is never ever being called for the clients, so the clients get no camera and no player controller for the camera manager. The screenshots I have included show the simple call from OnPossess in the Player Controller, as well as the custom event in the camera manager with a little debug print statement that would print if a client gets the call - I can’t seem to get this event to ever fire on the client with the pawn and player controller passed into it- there is either no call or the inputs are passed as “none” if I “run on owning client.” I would be so grateful if someone could help.