Trouble using hdri in unreal engine

Hi there

I have trouble getting my own hdri working in unreal.

I’m using a sky light (set to SLS specified cubemap) and hdri backdrop but each I time try to drop it on the cube map, it rejects it. I hdri is a jpg and the other is a exr file.

I’m I overlooking something here?


Not sure you can add an HDRI here. The common way is to use a SkyBox to render the HDRI.
You can get a one from here:

Or google for “create unreal engine skybox”

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The Skylight expects a TextureCube asset, if you imported it as a jpg/exr then it imported as a Texture2D asset.

In order to get a TextureCube asset, you need to import the image as a .hdr file. I use substance designer for converting files to hdr, but supposedly Photoshop will do this too (I don’t have it installed).

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Yeah, when plugging in the HDRI directly into the Skylight(or the HDRI Backdrop plugin), it only accepts .HDR formats. If you choose to make your own material to assign the HDRI to and capture by the Skylight, you can use HDR or EXR(although their UV setups will be slightly different).

And please don’t use a JPG, that completely defeats the point of the HDRI. :slight_smile:

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so I need to convert my exr files into a material, thanks

so I need to import my exr files as a cubemap into the engine*

Note: Cubemaps must be in rgba, not rgb to import to ue4 for some stupid reason.

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