Trouble reproducing AI Navigation from documentation example

I am attempting to reproduce the tutorial listed here using Unreal 4.6.1. The short version of the problem is that it seems to me like the function for checking whether my pawn is near the AI controlled pawn. Of note, I am not using the top down template. I am building off of two tutorials I finished from the documentation.

I have double checked all of my blueprint graphs and I think I’ve narrowed it down to two possible problems and two shots in the dark.

Possible Problem:

  1. Inside of the behavior check, the function AgroCheck is supposed to check for things to follow. It currently has “No Activation, No Deactivation, No Search Start” listed in the green box where AgroCheck is attached to the Selector as a service. This does not match the tutorial and seems a likely symptom as to what’s going on.

  2. I’m following the Follower_AI_Con debug object while having the AgroCheck graph open. The glowing line goes all the way until the ForEachLoopWithBreak node and goes no further. I tried adding a breakpoint and Unreal complained. It seems like if it can’t reach the LineTraceByChannel node then it would never check for other pawns.

Shot in the Dark Problems:

  1. The nav mesh isn’t set up properly? When I toggle it everything appears green like it should.
  2. Something isn’t initialized properly that was set in the top down template.

I’d appreciate any pointers about what to check or where to look. My next step is to check the TopDownTemplate and see if something jumps out at me.

I tried following the tutorial again using the TopDown Template and am still seeing the service say “No Activation, No Deactivation, No Search Start”

It ended up being an issue of not reading a number right when blowing up the graph to copy. Make sure to double check all of your values from the guide.

Hi! I have the same issue, any idea what value was incorrect? Many thanks!


Ditto same problem,
Can’t figure out why and I double and triple checked all my values so I’m not sure what is actually is causing the problem. Also downloaded the new Shooter demo game with an AI.

Same problem.

For me the issue was that I was making a FPS game, and in the Aggro check BP it was checking on a Line Trace by Channel.

On that BP box you can change the Trace Channel To camera and not to Visibility (due to being invisible as it’s a FPS with no arm meshes)

Tah dah! Works.

What I did to debug was to be very aggressive with break points and see where your AI gets to before failing.

Tried that, Idky but the system still has aggro check with "“No Activation, No Deactivation, No Search Start”