Trouble controlling or enabling ray tracing with PostProcessVolume

I am trying to enable ray tracing through a PostProcessVolume. The camera is definitely within the volume, it is the only post processing volume, I have the appropriate version of Windows and an RTX card, started UE4 with -dx12. However when I switch between ray tracing and screen space reflections there is no change and it always appears to be screen space.

I am doing what is depicted in this official video

Do I need to do anything with the existing reflection probes or materials? Are there any other settings that might be interfering? Thanks.

Every project needs to have ray tracing turned on in the project settingsā€¦

Have that done, first thing I did.

My mistake, I did not have ray tracing enabled on that project but the other project I had been working on. It does appear to just work without any further adjustments.