Trouble accessing spline point which is selected in UE4 Editor


I’ve been working on spline generator in C++ and so far pretty much everything works fine, but I have one optimisation problem:

For instance, when I have 100 spline points and I want to update the location of one spline point, it will loop over all those spline points and update their locations even though I wanted to update only one spline point.

I’ve been trying to solve this issue by getting the spline point which is selected in UE4 editor and update only the selected one. As I’ve dug through the code of USplineComponent and if I’m correct, spline point is visualized in the editor by using FPrimitiveSceneProxy class (FPrimitiveSceneProxy* USplineComponent::CreateSceneProxy() method in SplineComponent.cpp class) and spline point data is stored in FSplinePoint struct. How is the spline point data and editor visualization connected?

My question: is there any possibility to make sure when some specific spline point is selected?

There is possibility that I’m also overthinking here, so please let me know.

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Waiting for your response!