Tron-style trails?

I am building a game that plays similarly to Tron. However, I’ve ran into two issues and I am stuck as to how to get moving:

  • The texture I built for the trail stretches across the entire beam (which will be incredibly long). This is no good as I want the trail to be customizable in the future. How do I make it so that the texture tiles along the beam instead of stretching? (In this case, the beam trail uses the Ribbon system). Do I need to use a different particle system than a Ribbon? Should I use a texture(s) that don’t mind being stretched?
  • After researching the Particle System and all the tutorials, I know that there exist methods that fire when the Particle touches an Actor. However, there is no information for when an Actor touches a Particle, which I need to happen for the trail to actually kill enemies. Looking into the Blueprint for the Particle System, it says that the PS can generate OnActorBeginOverlap events, but does not fire when my pawn flies through its own trail. How do I get this event to fire? Should I use a different method than the Particle System to generate my trail?

I really need an answer for this. This has been driving me nuts for the past month…

Look for “World Aligned textures” - this should solve the stretching problem I hope :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the WorldAlignedTexture did not work. The result is unchanged. Here is the material I am using.

For the texture tiling issue, look into the “Tiling Distance” setting on the Ribbon module. If you set that to > 0 it will tile the 2nd UV set at that distance.

And there is something about anim trails from socket:
but i don’t know if this can help

Out of my head i think you need to change the UV channel from 0 to 1 in your materials textures, I think its everything but opacity, Experiment a bit to figure that one out and the ribbons will start taking proper input on tiling etc.

I was able to stop the stretching by setting the tiling distance to 100, as well as adding a TexCoord(1) to the base texture. However, the collision issue still persists. The sources I have looked up say that collision with Ribbons is impossible. Do you know any workarounds?