Triplanar Material Stretching Bug

Hello guys, I followed a forum post to make a Triplanar Material and it works fine with some of my rock models and with UE4 Landscape, but with some other models (no particular notable differences in shape) the texture seem to stretch around the corner, see below:

and here is the triplanar material function:

Any help will be much appreiciated, ty.

Bump Bump.

Just wondering… did you find a solution to your problem? i also have to deal with some stretch artifacts, having referenced the same tutorial.

Nope, apparently this is an unsolveable issue and triplanar materials should be used for “smooth” meshes, meshes with hard edges and corners will have some issues with triplanar materials.

Weel, if you set the power of the blending to 100 your receive a very hard transition, try setting it to one or so and check again. I believe Unreal has also a built in function for that, you could open that one and look how they did it!